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Hey guys,

So, I know you all were expecting an update to AAB today, but I have a little surpries/treat for you all. You guys remember Nikki right? She wrote that funny as hell story called Whoever Made Up Betting Is A Fucking Idiot, and then never finished it. Well she's back, but not with the ending to that story. I know, I know, I've complained to her about finishing that damn fic but alas, nothing happens. She finally gave me something though, and this fic here, as she puts it, explains why she has not written anything on the bet. Be sure to read her author's note for an explination. Oh, just to give you guys a heads up, this one's a little different so be sure to read the warning as well.

Title: Push

Paring: arok implied

Warning: suicide implied

Disclaimer: I do not own, know, coincide, etc with any of the characters mentioned in this story.

A/N: Ok, so here’s the story. I was watching the ask BSB questionnaire thingy, and AJ was too emo for me to handle. He totally ruined the whole image I had for him and made it extremely difficult to finish the light hearted story I’ve been trying to complete. So this is what he is to me now. I hope you enjoy.

Summary: AJ always did know how to push.
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