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All American Boy - Chapter Thirty-Two

Title: All American Boy. (When I made up this title, it was a joke because Nikki kept hassling me for one, so I told her this, and well it stuck)

Pairing: Arok

Rating: NC-17 (overall)

Disclaimer: I do not own/know AJ or Brian

Author’s note: I was sitting in class (I can‘t remember which one) and this story idea popped into my head, I started writing and this is what was produced. (it‘s what happens when you‘re bored out of your mind sitting in a class you don‘t want to be in) Oh and this story is written in different POVs . It alternates between Brian and AJ. They’re separated by the line of dots.

Chapter Summary: **Note this chapter begins with Denise's point of view and then moves into AJ's and then goes back into the normal rhthym. Okay, now for the summary.... Denise talks to the boys and then boys head off to school Monday morning and you'll have to find out what happens at the end of this chap.
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